Braided elastic

Braided elastic can be made round by braiding around a central core of rubber on a braiding machine with an even number of carriers, or the elastic can be made flat by incorporating rubber threads individually into the covering yarns.


We currently manufacture flat braided elastic on range of braiding machines with 13, 17,25,37 and 41 spindles.


Although the number of rubber threads per machine is fixed, the thickness of each thread can be selected to suit the application, from very fine "60 count" rubber at 0.42mm diameter to "20 count" rubber at 1.27 mm diameter. An elastic made with 20 count rubber will be around 3 times stronger than the finest. Our "standard" rubber count is 36, which covers most end uses. (rubber count is the number of threads in one inch when laid side by side)


The most popular yarns used to make this type of elastic is textured polyester where we have a wide range of pre dyed colours available from stock. Braided flat elastic can be made from many other yarns including polypropylene, viscose and cotton.


Minimum order quantity is around 500 metres at a cost of 15 to 25 pence per metre depending mainly on the width of the elastic. Obviously prices reduce as quantities increase!




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