Finishing operations

Fabmania claims to be the largest manufacturer of laces in the U.K. Almost all laces are made with clear acetate aiglets (the plastic tip on the ends). The acetate can also be printed in various colours or can have text as shown on the example below.


We stock metal clips suited to fitting onto the ends of bootlace sized materials. There are applied by a power press giving a highly secure end. These clips can also be used to form loops.


Other cords, woven tapes etc can be cut length efficiently either by cold cutting or shearing where the yarns are combustible, or by heat cutting on synthetic yarns like polyester, nylon etc.


Products can be put through a variety of finishing operations including resin stiffeners and Fire retardant finishes'


Cords and braids are supplied on reels of various sizes to suit customer requirements.



black bootlaces with grewy flecks

Printed Acetate Aglet

We can supply shoelace aglets with logos, in colours or standard plain clear acetate.

black bootlaces with grewy flecks

Metal tips

Metal clips can be applied to cord ends or used to join ends to make loops.


black bootlaces with grewy flecks

Heat cut and cold cut

Synthetic materials can be heat cut to length, heat cutting seals the cut end to stop fraying. Cotton and other flammable materials can be sheared to length.

black bootlaces with grewy flecks

Treasury tags

Elastic cord 5 mm diameter supplied with treasury tags at either end of a 195 mm length. The elastic also had to pass fire retardant testing.

black bootlaces with grewy flecks

Finishing machine

A 4 stage finishing machine applying a resin finish to a 25 mm tape. This gives the product a smooth stiffened finish.