Fire retardant Products

When we say fire retardant, we mean fire retardant to the very exacting standards of civil aviation authorities throughout the world. The principal test for our FR rated products is CS 25.853 which is a 12 second bunsen burner vertical burn test carried out in laboratory conditions. The test requires that the products will self extinquish within 15 seconds, will not burn more than 8" (200mm) of length and the product must not drip for more than 5 seconds.

Our products typically exceed the test requirements by a significant margin. see example test reports test reports


All FR rated products supplied by Fabmania are issued with a certificate of conformity.



Fabmania can supply a very wide range of FR rated products, below are shown a few of the more commonly specified webbings tapes and cords.




black bootlaces with grewy flecks


Used thoughout the world on aircraft interior refits. Developed over a number of years it is the specified reference standard for a number of aircraft.


black bootlaces with grewy flecks


Woven cotton tape given a post weaving fire retardant treatment




black bootlaces with grewy flecks


Similar to standard M1530 but has more stretch and a smoother appearance. Available in a range of around 20 colours.


black bootlaces with grewy flecks

Elastic cord

Supplied with treasury tags at either end of a 195 mm length of elastic. Passes 15 second horizontal burn test with ease.