Twill or herringbone tape

A weaving pattern which has a "V" or chevron pattern. The pattern can be repeated across the width of the tape to produce repeating chevrons.


We manufacture polyester twill tapes in two popular designs; M880 which is a light weight tape used across a wide range of garments, including apron ties, back neck tape for T shirts and contrast trim for sportswear. M1498 which is made with thicker yarns making a soft but strong herringbone tape which is widely used as a garment trimming and also as an upmarket window blind tape as the product has excellent UV stability.


In cotton the most popular design is M522 which is used widely as a sportswear trimming. Heavier weight cotton herringbone such as M775 finds a home in rugby shirts as it can be button holed and it more than strong enough to stand up to rough action.


Fabmania's yarn stocks mean we can manufacture polyester herringbone tapes across a wide range of widths in around one to two weeks. In cotton a limited range of stock yarn colours is available for quick delivery, but we can supply any colour in polyester or cotton as we can arrange for our yarns can be dyed to match any customer request.


Minimum order quantities depend on the required width. At 25mm the MOQ is 1000 metres. At 50mm it is 500 metres.


We can manufacture herringbone tapes from around 10 mm width to 100mm



twill or herringbone tape in polyester


Medium weight polyester tape with a double chevron design. Used in window blind tape due to excellent UV resistance. Made to order in around 60 colour choices.

apron string tape


This lighter weight polyester herringbone tape has a double chevron. Popular use as apron strings. sometimes called "anti tangle tape".


cotton 25mm herringbone tape


Woven cotton twill tape. We stock a limited range of cotton yarns for quick delivery, but any colour can be supplied with the yarn dyed to match.


two tone twill tape


Polyester twill tape where the warp yarn is brown and the weft beige. Creating a sharply defined chevron effect.