Insertion Piping

Insertion piping is a narrow fabric trimming which consists of a bead and a flange. It is produced on specialized braiding machines or on weaving looms


Insertion piping is used as a trimming in garments with the flange or foot being sewn a seam , leaving the just the decorative bead showing on the finished garment.


Braided piping has the benefit of being quite a flexible product which will accommodate sewing into a curve. however variations in size of the bead and width of the foot are restricted. Braided insertion can be produced using polyester, viscose and metallic yarns.


As there many possible designs and colours, these products are only available on a made to order basis. Production lead times are typically 1-2 weeks and require a minimum order of 500 metres.


From a cost point of view, a typical minimum order will cost between £50 and £100 (between 10 pence and 20 pence per metre) depending on the yarn content and machine type.


Woven insertion piping can be produced with more options on size as the bead can be made bigger than is possible on the braided product. The width of foot (or flange) can also be varied. Woven piping is usually made using polyester yarns from our standard colour range.


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viscose insertion braid



Our standard viscose insertion product.


Braided insertion piping


The larger bead is formed by braiding around a thicker cotton core.


woven insertion piping


Woven polyester piping. Many variations possible on size of bead and flange.


insertion piping with silber lurex gimp bead


Braided piping with polyester base and a bead section in silver gimp yarn.


insertion piping in polyester

Insert 21

Using thicker yarn a larger product is produced.


fancy viscose insertion braid

Insert 22

a fancy bead design made in viscose