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replacement boot laces for CAT, Solomon and others

Fabmania is based in Leicestershire. Here we produce all types of laces for shoes, boots, and trainers, around 20 ranges of which can be bought online. We manufacture large quantities of round elastic cords, which can also be purchased on line. We make to order a wide range of braided cords, flat elastics and webbing.

With 50 years of production expertise and over 100 production braiding machines and weaving looms at our disposal, we have the capacity and product range to manufacture virtually any type of narrow fabrics.

Listed below are some of our main production ranges. For more information email us or phone on 01530 249553.



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Examples of some of our most popular ranges

coloured cotton laces for Nike trainers

Cotton Trainer laces

Highly popular 100% cotton laces for trainers, soft but strong, these are popular on many styles including Converse, Nike Adidas Stan Smith, Reebok and others

Shoelaces for Converse casual shoes

Converse style laces:

These laces with a distinctive weaving pattern are similar those seen on classic "Converse" casual shoes from the 1970's. Since Nike took over Converse, they are seen on many other styles of trainer.

Boot laves for Dr Martens and other brands

Boot laces:

Boot laces with a thick outer braided covering  and a strong core gives these laces plenty of protection against wear. . This style was supplied to the manufacturers of Dr Martens boots for a number of years.

waxed cotton shoelace

Waxed cotton shoelaces 2mm:

Small waxed cotton laces for formal shoes, fashion boots and casual shoes. The cotton cord is processed with natural beeswax to create a protective sheen. Round waxed cords are available in 2, 3 and 4 mm diameters.


3 mm waxed cotton shoelace

Waxed cotton laces 3mm:

Waxed cotton shoelaces in a wide range of colour and in lengths from 60 cm to 240 cm.

Hiking boot laces dark grey with light grey flecks

Hiking boot laces:

Strong polyester laces, a popular choice for hiking boots and trekking shoes. Designed to suit ranges by Berghaus, Merrel, Mammut, Scapa, Salomon, Karrimor and others.

Flat  waxed shoelace

Flat 6 mm waxed laces:

At 6 mm width these shoelaces are a good fit for most trainers and casual shoes. As with all our waxed laces we use natural beeswax rather than the paraffin wax commonly used by other suppliers.

Small laces for north face walking shoes

Laces for walking shoes:

Smaller walking shoelaces for walking shoes and trainers, where the eyelets or tabs are narrow. Originally designed to suit the North Face Hedgehog range, but now finds increasing popularity on other brands.

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Braids and cords made to order

40 spindle braiding machines at Fabmania Ltd

We have a full range of modern braiding machines for making fine round cords on small 8 spindle machines through to 41 and 48 spindle machines making 30mm wide flat braids. Various special machines also make ric rac braid and insertion piping.

With around 500 established styles which cover virtually every possible braid design, and with a standard stock colour range of of over 100 pre-dyed yarns, we can produce almost all orders on short lead times.

Orders can be fulfilled with the product supplied on reels, or cold cut lengths, heat cut to length or as shoelaces with acetate or metal ends. more details..


Grosgrain tape and ribbon made to order

herringbone or twill tape

The term grosgrain tape describes quite a wide variety styles. Essentially grosgrain is a simple weaving pattern which creates a lined or ribbed effect across the width of the product.

Grosgrain tape can be anything from a lightweight ribbon though to webbing suitable for belting.

Fabmania only manufacture woven grosgrain tapes to order as there are so many possible choices, our width range is from 6mm to 100mm, offered in a range of around 60 standard yarn colours. The tape can be a plain single colour or can be produced is a whole range of various patterns such as stripes, stab stitch etc.

Our minimum order quantity is typically 1,000 metres and our lead times are usually 1 to 2 weeks. more details..


Fire retardant elastic webbing, tapes and cords

M1530 and M1530-2-78 FR rated elastic webbing

We manufacture a range of woven elastic tape and webbing products for use in aircraft interiors. These elastics are manufactured to meet the stringent standards of civil aviation authorities.

Products are supplied with Certificates of Conformity and laboratory test reports (tested to CAA/FAR/JAR/CS 25.853A) carried out with a 15 second vertical burn test under specified temperature and humidity conditions.

Our most widely used product is article M1530, a woven elastic webbing specified by B/E Aerospace and others for use as aircraft seat cover strapping.

Also available are ranges of cotton and nylon rigid (non-elastic) tapes along with a range of round elastic cords in 3, 4 and 5 mm diameters made to the same exacting standards. more details..



Twill or herringbone tapes made to order

A selection of herringbone tapes

Herringbone tape is a weaving pattern which makes a chevron or V shaped pattern across the width of the product. On wider widths the V can be a single chevron or repeated.

M880 which is a popular lightweight polyester twill tape (pictured in red) which finds applications such as apron string ties and M1498 (pictured in cream) which is a little thicker and with the chevrons more visible used in conservatory window blinds etc.

Our herringbone tapes can be produced using polyester, cotton, acrylic and Lurex yarns. They are made to order in any width from around 6 mm to 100 mm. The minimum order quantity is usually 1,000 metres.

We hold stocks of 25 mm and 12 mm polyester herringbone tapes in white, black, red and green more details.



Round elastic cord made to order

16 spindle braiding machine making elastic cord

Round elastic cord is one of our main product lines. At our Loughborough factory we manufacture a range round elastic in diameters from 1.2 mm to 5 mm.

Having a large number of braiding machines for producing elastics, along with an extensive range of stock yarns means we can put any order for any size and colour combination into production quickly. usually within a day or so.

The most popular yarn used in the manufacturing elastic cords is polyester. We carry a range of around 60 standard yarn shades. The cords can be made single colour, or can be produced in two or more colours with stripes, flecks or barbers pole patterns. The elastic can also be made using polypropylene, nylon and cotton yarns.

More technical elastic cords are also made using materials such as Kevlar and Twaron for use where fire retardant properties are required.

Orders for elastic cord can be supplied on reels as a continuous length, or we can economically heat cut to fixed lengths

more details.


Round elastic cord from stock

stock shelves of elastic cord From stock we have a great range of round elastic cords in colours ranging in size from 2 mm to 5 mm.

All the elastics are made using a core of natural rubber threads and textured polyester as the braided covering yarn. Both the rubber and polyester are purchased from OEKO accredited suppliers ensuring our products are suitable for use all applications from hobby crafts, toys etc.

All sizes and colours are available for immediate delivery in quantities of 10 metres, 30 metres, 100 metres and 500 metres. At 500 metres a much wider range of around 60 colours is available, please ask for details. stock colours


Flat braided elastic made to order

replacement boot laces for CAT, Solomon and others

Flat braided elastic orders (sometimes called corded elastic) are made to order in a range of widths from around 5mm to 12mm width.

The elastic can be made using a range of rubber thread diameters so that the end product can be as soft or as strong as required for the intended end use.

The most popular yarn specified is polyester, viscose and metallic yarn options are also available.

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Braided Insertion piping

braided insertion piping

Insertion piping is a one piece narrow fabric trimming which has a bead and a foot or flange.

Typically used in the seams of garments where the flange is sewn into the seam, leaving the bead visible as the trimming.

Insertion piping is made to order only as there are so many possible designs and colour options. The yarns used in the manufacture can be polyester, viscose and lurex. The minimum order quantity is around 500 metres and a lead time of about one week.

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