About Fabmania Ltd - 50 years of expertise


Fabmania Ltd has been involved with the manufacture of laces for around 50 years having first started production of braids and cords in 1963, at that time under the name of Hancock and Roberts Ltd.

In 2008 the company was re named Fabmania and is now managed by Neil Rowley who has some 25 years production experience within the company. Braiding production is supervised by Rai Patel and weaving production by Raj Mistry who between them have over 40 years hands on production skills.

This depth of production knowledge means we offer consistent quality products to our customers and can also offer suggestions and advice on the best production design and materials to use for specific applications.

Maybe you are designing a new product - Maybe you already buy similar products elsewhere -

There may be much to gain—and with nothing to lose—shouldn’t you take a closer look at what we can offer?

We look forward to hearing from you !

email sales@fabmania.com or telephone 01530 249553 or 01509 238437



All products offered on this site are manufactured by Fabmania at our factory in Leicestershire.


Specializing in braiding with around 100 machines of various types capable of producing tiny cords of 1mm diameter up to 30mm wide plaited braids. We also have a weaving section producing a range of products from simple twill and grosgrain tapes to sophisticated webbing for aircraft interors.



The majority of the turnover of Fabmania Ltd is B2B production of "made to order" braids, cords and woven products to a diverse group of industries including garment and footwear manufacturers and the automotive and aerospace industry.



Fabmania Retail Ltd offers a great on line range of retail shoelaces and bootlaces, elastic cords and woven twill or herringbone tapes.