Grosgrain Woven Tapes

Grosgrain tapes are a simple weaving design that creates a ribbed effect across the width of the tape.


This basic design can be adapted into many variations from light weight ribbons though to belt webbing simply by varying the thickness of the yarn.


Fabmania specializes in grosgrain tapes made to order using polyester yarns. A wide range of around 60 standard stock colours enable us to manufacture single or multi colour designs quickly. Our typical lead time for grosgrain tapes is just 1 - 2 weeks.


Minimum order quantities depend on the required width. At 25mm the MOQ is 1000 metres. At 50mm it is 500 metres.


We can manufacture Grosgrain tapes from around 6 mm width, which might be used as a garment zip puller, up to 100 mm wide bunting tape.




M938 Grosgrain ribbon tape in polyester and scarlet lurex

Used as a Decorative seasonal trimming for bows and gift wrap etc.


sportswear trimming grossgrain tape

M938 Grosgrain tape with centre stripe

Used widely in garments from zip pullers to sportswear trimmings.


M1550 Grosgrain tape with center fold over seam

Used as bunting tape, the product is put through a resin finish to make the tape stiff.


M938 an example of our stndard grosgrain tape

M938 Grosgrain tape stitch lines

This is our "standard" weight of grosgrain tape. In this example two "stitch" lines are added for effect.


grosgrain style as a belt

M1070 Grosgrain webbing

Made in a fashion belt thickness in polyester




gold lurex gros grain tape

M914 Grosgrain tape

In this design only the centre black and gold sections have the grosgrain effect.



grosgrain tape in polypropylene

M1068 Stiff tape

Made with polypropylene yarn and treated with a resin finish making a very strong stiff tape.


five stripe grosgrain tape in black and metallic silver

M1148 Grosgrain tape silver lurex

Made with silver lurex and polyester yarns